Peggy Boone:

Owner, Member, Registrar, DNA, Member Services

Vickie Oldakowski:

Newsletter Editor, DNA

Mark Hill:

Registrar, Data Entry, DNA

Mark Hill, his wife, Cassie and son, Andrew own and operate Porterville Hill Heritage Farm in Robinson, Illinois.  They have raised animals for over 25 years, including horses, cattle, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, sheep & goats. 

In 2019, they were able to upgrade their farm size and at that time began focusing on heritage breed animals.  They have a herd of registered Irish Dexter Cattle and a herd of registered San Clemente Island goats. 

100% of the San Clemente Island goat herd has its DNA on file with UC Davis and parentage has been verified in all cases where they have been able to obtain DNA on the parents.  Their entire SCI herd is registered with IDGR-IGSCR.  Their herd is an ELITE Registered herd with IDGR-IGSCR. As a responsible breeder and steward of the breed, they believe registration is essential to the survival of the breed.  It is the only way to improve the endangered status of the breed on The Livestock Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List, as that is measured by annual registrations.

In addition, they have chickens and will soon be adding Narragansett turkeys. 

Mark is Vice President of Lending at a local, community bank and Cassie works in economic development.  They are active in the community and take opportunity to make their farm available for education purposes with potential breeders as well as community members who are unfamiliar with heritage breed animals. 

Mark and Cassie enjoy serving on the Board of Advisors for IGSCR.

Mary Andersen:

Data Entry

Many years of human genealogy and teaching genealogy. Grew up on a small cattle ranch.

Cassie Hill:

Facebook Coordinator

Mardi Rivetti:

Historian, Breed Description

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