International Dairy Goat Registry strives for excellence in the CONSERVATION of the San Clemente Island goat heritage breed. This has been done through the hard work of our great breeder members whom we work with on a regular basis.  More recently (2019) we as a registry and breeder team began working with creating our DNA Analysis program to ensure accuracy of our Registration and Pedigree records. 

International Dairy Goat Registry and our Breeders believe that the accuracy of our pedigree records are of utmost importance, as we preserve the breed for years to come. This is the only way to ensure that each animal is part of the true Conservation and that our goats are acceptable in the International yearly Count of Registered animals.

This Membership in Good Standing also allows us to collaborate as an IDGR registry-member team to collaborate records, have an ELITE Classifieds and share histories to better our breed Conservation. It also allows us to have loads of fun together.

What is a Member in Good Standing?

A member in good standing agrees to strive for the following:

  • Participate in the IDGR DNA program
  • Use USDA-approved Identification on every goat. If the goat loses its USDA-approved Official Identification, you would promptly fill out the Identification Change form and submit to IDGR office for adjustment of the records
  • If you would like to add another form of Physical or digital Identification to your goat, you would fill out the same Identification Change form. These types of additions may be USDA-Approved or non-USDA-approved or farm Identifications)
  • Upon Ownership Change, you would promptly fill out the Transfer of Ownership. Send to the IDGR office and pay for the transfer. Ensuring also that the Official USDA-approved Identification physically on the goat matching the goat’s Official paperwork matches
  • Fill out and submit Registration Application for goats you breed on your farm. If you acquired an unregistered goat, you would submit the Breeder signed-completely filled out Registration Application along with the Breeder’s photograph of the animal on his/her farm and a DNA Sample of the Parents.
  • Agree for your goats to be in the yearly Official Conservation Goat Count. This count is ONLY for fully registered Purebred or Fullblood goats. No other goats are in the Conservation program.
  • Agree that pedigree, registration and DNA information is for your use and not shared with other organizations. This information is meant for you (the breeder or owner), IDGR and someone you sell your animal to.
  • You may, however, of course share any information on a goat you own with other organizations, which is your personal goat information. IDGR information, IDGR pedigrees and Certificates may not be shared with organizations or online.
  • You understand that IDGR Certificates are Federally Copyrighted Intellectual property of IDGR and not shareable, except to those whom you are selling a goat to.
  • Strive to comply with extra requests which might arise if there are special circumstance with a specific animal

Why these terms of a Member in Good Standing

These items above are to ensure that the Official Record of the San Clemente Island goat are held to the highest standards and kept pure. International Dairy Goat Registry is the longest standing organization for the Official Record of the San Clemente Island goat. We were enlisted by the Founding San Clemente Island goat breeders, who received their goats directly off San Clemente Island to keep and preserve the records of this great heritage breed. With this comes great responsibility for the goats, breeders, members and registry.

In Exchange

  • IDGR strives to work hand in hand with you as our great breeders and owners, as we have for over 40 years
  • We strive to work hard to create better and better Conservation programs

As a Member in Good Standing you receive special percs and advantages

  • You will be able to continue to have input into the Conservation program and understand what true Conservation of a breed or species really is.
  • you will be able to have access to information about the breed and its history
  • you will have access to our new updated educational programs
  • You will have access to Genetic tools to better your herd
  • ELITE Breeders have even more benefits
  • You would be able to participate in the Official San Clemente Island Classifieds to ensure that you are acquiring an animal who is qualified for Official Registration and eligible to be in the Conservation program. Each animal on the sale page will be certified by the IDGR Team as Eligible.

IDGR and its team are here for you. We love working directly with our members