The year 1980 was when we registered our first Purebred San Clemente Island goat from San Clemente Island. We were asked by the Founding original breeders to open the herdbook. Since that time, we have continued to work with our great breeders to create a better and better conservation program every year, for the breed. We value our members very much and the goats that they raise and preserve.

In 2014 IDGR was taken over by IDGR-IFBR. Then in 2018 IDGR-IFBR was taken over by International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry, LLC and has been Officially registering the San Clemente goats under IGSCR, LLC since that time. Recently some of our members requested that we go back to utilizing the IDGR registry as the Official Registry for the San Clemente goats. We thought that was a great idea, as this way we can utilize the registry strictly for San Clemente Island goats and San Clemente Island goat crossbreds.

Going back to IDGR also allows us to share histories, etc for you to learn more about the breed.

So we would like to welcome you to the IDGR Registry. We have been devoted to this great breed for many years through IDGR registry. In 2018 we turned the registration process into true Conservation for this great breed. With this is the creation of Conservation Registrations, special herdbooks and special DNA testing brought. Since that time we have had entire herds who have DNA tested their herds for several years. Others can’t afford DNA testing. Thus we are asking folks to send in their DNA for storage until fundraising can be raised to help pay for testing. It is this DNA program with Markers and Parentage that has found many lost relatives and proven Official Pedigrees and Registrations.

While we were working out the San Clemente Island new herdbooks, we talked with breeders who were struggling with how to register their goats, how to handle herds who run wild herds (like commercial cow herds) etc. We also spoke with the Livestock Conservancy and two geneticists. Through all this, we worked out herdbooks that have worked well and are for true Conservation.

We are also working with older herds who have bred these goats for many years, to obtain documentation to Qualify Their herds for Registration. That is a new special project created in 03/2021.

Official Registrations, Transfers of Ownership and DNA testing are crucial to the preservation of all animals. It is even more crucial with Endangered species. It is the Official Registration that keeps the goats following breed descriptions and keeps crossbreds out of the Purebred and Fullblood herdbooks. It is also the process that helps teach folks the correct records to keep, documentation required by law on any change of ownership, etc.

We look forward to working with you all and your goats, as we continue to come together to move this great breed ahead.