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  A Bit of History

San Clemente Island goats were found on San Clemente Island.  In the 1980s, the Navy found all these special goats and were exterminating them. They would have been lost, were it not for some special people who were able to rescue a few and luckily we were able to save some breeding stock.  View history on these goats.  It’s amazing that we have the San Clemente Island goats alive today. There are some very special photos of the history of the San Clement Island goats.  They are a treasure and can tell us so much about these goats; where they came from, what they are like, etc.


Foundation Bloodlines who rescued San Clemente Island Goats

Thanks Laurel and others for sharing this Foundation Bloodline  information.  We will have more on this hopefully soon.


Nellie Gail * New Hampshire * Tepper * Rivetti * Ahrensberg * Earth Spirit * Plimouth


Gil (Incorparates some Blake) and Vancouver Island

So what is a bloodline?

According to Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD, a Bloodline is a sub-group of a breed, and often is isolated from others for several generations.  Its often associated with farms and breeders.  Managing bloodlines is vital to preserving a breed.  As quoted from Managing Breeds for a Secure Future” Second Edition by Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD.

Bloodlines, varieties and strains are all subgroups within a breed, and often are important reservoirs of variation and genetic diversity.  While definitions vary, each of these terms usually designates a subpopulation that has been isolated from the others for several generations (usually four or more) with the consequence that they are somewhat genetically distinct from the other bloodlines.  Bloodlines are usually linked to certain breeders or farms, and can be distinct historically and genetically. The link of bloodlines to breeders is a reflection not only of their genetic isolation but also of the selection practices of that individual breeder” p. 51

“Managing the bloodlines, strains and varieties within a breed is important for long-term maintenance of the genetic variability that is crucial in breed viability.”  p. 54

Some pictures of San Clemente Island Goats

If you would like to share photos for breed representation, colors of the breed, or for your own pedigrees, please let us know.

Photos below courtesy of Mack Brin Farms

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