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Your official SCI Goat Registry for 40 years since their exportation from the San Clemente Island

New Herdbooks Created in 2019

Through talking with various breeders and also the struggles that IGSCR was working with in being able to register the San Clemente Island goats, it became increasingly important to create a new set of herdbooks. Let us understand these herdbooks more fully. In February 2021 we also felt the need to add the Fullblood herdbook.

Herdbooks and Understanding


(IGSCR DNA Verified with NO Exceptions)

  • Fullblood: Fully Officially IDGR or IGSCR Registered to the Island or from a herd who is Officially 100% from the Island AND IGSCR DNA Verified. (No exceptions) IGSCR DNA Breed analysis tested or Fully IGSCR Parent tested to ancestors who are Breed Analysis tested as no other breeds listed. (Fullblood herdbook is NOT a place for all San Clemene Island goats. It is ONLY for the San Clemente Island goats who are 100% known to be completely pure San Clemente Island. Many San Clemente Island goats DO NOT fit the Fullblood profile. Those would go into the Purebred or Grade herdbooks.)
  • Fullblood-W: As above, only there was a buck breakout or handled as a commercial cow herd where there are multiple does and bucks running together
  • Fullblood-R :As above, except that there are lineages missing farther back than 4 Generations. These must be a) Officially Registered for four Generations AND be Breed Analysis tested (or their parents) as Fullblood San Clemente Island.

Requirements for above are Officially IDGR or IGSCR Registered, IGSCR DNA tested (Marker, Parentage, Breed Analysis as with no other breeds listed)


Purebred (IGSCR DNA Verified) Herdbooks

If your want your goats DNA verification to be placed on the Official Registration Certificate, then the DNA must run through the IGSCR DNA account, so that we can do the verification.

If you choose to run DNA Markers through your own account, we will charge a coding/Verification fee of $10/animal to code it/analysis it through our account.

Without IGSCR or IGSCR Verified DNA, no DNA will be placed on the Registration Certificates. DNA is NOT a simple process and requires much analysis by IDGR. IDGR-IGSCR staff are trained in genetic analysis as it applies to breeds and Official Registrations.

  • Purebred (IGSCR DNA Verified): Goats who may have breaks in their Officially Registered ancestry back to the island, due to old breeders not understanding the need to Officially Register. Must have at least 4 generations unbroken Official IDGR or IGSCR Registration, meet Breed description. Prefer IGSCR DNA tested. Breed Analysis tested who are very high percentage San Clemente Island, but display some other breeds in their genetic makeup
  • Purebred – Recovery (IGSCR DNA Verified): Purebred, but missing some non-vital information such as number of males and females in birth. For the old breeders ONLY (who didn’t understand purpose of registrations), there may be some non-Officially Registered goats in this herdbook. Preference to DNA tested
  • Purebred – Wild Herd (IGSCR DNA Verified): Goats raised in a completely wild state, more controlled multiple bucks and does together, or buck breakouts. DNA testing important

Purebreds, if they don’t have the credentials of the Fullblood cannot move up to a Purebred. One example is if they have other breeds, they can never move up to a Fullblood because they are NOT pure San Clemente Island.

If your Purebred goat does not have IGSCR DNA testing and does not meet Fullblood standards, it will be placed into the Purebred herdbook until the testing is completed and proven to be a Fullblood


Purebred STANDARD Herbooks (non-IGSCR DNA Verified)

As the above Purebred herdbooks, only that there is no IGSCR DNA Verification. NO DNA will be placed on the Official Registration Certificate.

What does this mean? There is no proof of parentage or that the goat is in fact a San Clemente Island goat. The information come entirely from the breeder’s records and has no guarrantee of Genetic Proof.

No DNA Reports are required with this Purebred herdbook.

Grade and Experimental

  • Grade: No knowledge about the goat, no breeder-signed application for registration or seller signed transfers. DNA, correct breeder transfer information can move these goats up to Purebred status
  • Experimental: Crossbred (IDGR has been officially registsering crossbreds for many years) Note: Crossbreds may not enter into the Fullblood or Purebred herdbooks, as this dilutes the original breed and descendants. Preservation of the breed requires that we keep the breed pure. However, crossbreeding is accepted by some. Crossbreds also need to be registered and tracked. It is also vital that crossbreds are Fully registered for their sake and that of the San Clemente Island alike.

Grades and Experimentals cannot move out of these herdbooks without the Breeders signed Registration Applications and all the transfers completed through IDGR or IGSCR.

All physical Identification must be on the goat or recorded with IDGR (IGSCR) if there are any changes to the Identification. Why? If the Identification has changed or is not on the goat, we have no way of knowing short of DNA Parentage to know if it is the goat being reported. There is also a ton of theft for one reason or another and mis-information.

Because of the above, Grade goats may be genetically Purebred or Fullblood. We cannot for instance place a goat as a Purebred registered to your name if you have no proof that it is the goat or that you own it. This comes down to morality, ethics and The Law.

IDGR and Official USDA Approved Registry Motto

Without documentation signed from the breeder down through current owner and Identification tracing to the breeder, what we are left with is Hearsay, unfortunately.

Official registries, including IDGR (IGSCR) deal only in Primary Source documentation.

IDGR goes one step further. We try to prevent parentage and breed problems before these problems get onto the Official Records. These problems are solved by us teaching our members how to keep records, submit proper applications and transfers, clear photos. The next most important thing is IGSCR DNA testing. This solves many issues and also verifies your goat’s Certificates.

If there are problems, which any breed does have. we work with you to solve the problem. We do not solve the problem for you. We give you options of what we need you to do. If there is a dispute of ownership (which there are many in the San Clemente Island goats currently), nothing will be done on that goat or its descendants until the problem is legally solved. Until that point, the animal will be listed in the census database and Red Flagged.

It is only through the process of Official Registration that breeds, including the San Clemente Island goat, will be preserved for future generations.

Help us help you and the San Clemente Island goat breed to last for many generations and to move to the Livestock Conservancy Threatened list. The San Clemente Island goats need you and your help.

Calling all breeders to help.