International Dairy Goat Registry

Your official SCI Goat Registry for 40 years since their exportation from the San Clemente Island

This database is for those who just want to list their goats with us. We will still use some of the USDA requirements, but more lax. This database was suggested by a member of the San Clemente Island Goat International to help breeders, owners and IDGR track animals in a Census.

Purpose of the IDGR Census Database

  • Still using the USDA legal requirements, but it is more lax in its requirements
  • It is used for a quick entry, in preparation for the Official Registration and Transfer
  • Also used for folks who just want to list their goats
  • Help breeders and owners gather information
  • We will create a database for each owner who desires it to help them track their breedings, matings transfers, etc.

What this database is NOT

  • This database is NOT an official Registration Certificate or Transfer
  • Without the Official Registration, no animal should change ownership
  • Without the Official Registration, the San Clemente Island breed can’t progress