Does the Registration Process seem daunting?

Many folks don’t know what an Official Registration is, why it is important or why we need to keep up on Official Changes of Ownership.

Or what if you buy a goat with no records on it? What then?

How do you research your goat’s ancestry when there seems to be none?

The process all starts with breeders and owners

  • Keep Records of birth, death, mating, photos, ownership, etc.
  • Keep USDA-approved Identification on your goats. DO NOT remove scrapie tags. It is against the law. Keeping official Identification on the goats is key to knowing who the goats are. If we don’t know who a registered goat is because the Identification has been removed, then the Registration Certificate is null and void until you can prove who this goat is. So don’t remove Identification. Don’t add an extra Scrapie Tag. That is NOT allowed by the USDA.
  • If you add more Identification types to your animal, you must tell the IDGR so that we can make the required additions to the Regstration Certificate
  • If your goat has a Scrapie Tag, and gets ripped out, let IDGR know what Identification you are replacing the tag with
  • Any change of ownership requires correct documentation to be given or received from the person who is relinquishing ownership to another. Example: You give away your goat. You must give a signed transfer that specificially identifies that goat, both parties, date of transfer and signature of the person relinquishing ownership
  • When you are acquiring San Clemente Island goats, ensure that there is USDA-approved Identification physically on the goat before your acquire it
  • Make sure that the goat you are acquiring is Registerable if you want the goat to be registered as a purebred and that the person has the legal right to transfer ownership to you. There are many San Clemente Island whose owners and breeders have not kept these records up. So ask…
  • Officially Register your goats and keep them Officially transferred into your name. If you don’t have a transfer, it is your responsibility to go back to the person you obtained the goat from and obtain the required signed transfer
  • We are here to assist you
  • Your new goat has no records? No problem. We have help for you. Our herdbooks and DNA project are set up to help. We have knowledgeable assistants, to aid also, and will also be happy to train or research to help you
  • We are recommending DNA testing or if you don’t have funds for DNA, please consider sending a hair sample of your goats to the IDGR office so that testing may be done when needed to correct records

Myths about Official Registries

Some folks think that official registries make up their own rules and that they do not have to follow USDA law. That is completely untrue. In order to be an official registry, we have to follow the USDA animal traceability laws with ownership and Identitification.

It is this set of laws that allows us to be able to know who all the animals are. Without these processes of Physical approved Identitification and also Ownership Transfer documentation that allows for the Official Registration and Transfer process to happen.

It is these laws that actually you to feel comfortable that you actually do own the animal you have acquired.

The rules that any Official Registry uses to utilize these USDA laws is usually fairly standard. Registry Herdbooks, however are dependent upon the registry. and Registations

For over 40 years, we rarely have registered San Clemente Island goats without proper signed Ownership Transfers and Breeder authorization of registration of Purebreds. This is crucial for the breed to remain viable. If we find any Registrations without the proper Transfers of Ownership and Identification, those registrations are temporarilly suspended until such time as this documentation is sent to

IDGR has long had a very effective method and protocol for its registrations. We are a team. Together with our memerbers, breeders and owners, we can move this great breed ahead.

Don’t fret. We are here to help with those goats who do not have the proper credentials.

What your Official Registration will look like

  • Identity of your goat (Full name, USDA-approved Identification, color, Registration Number, photo)
  • Breed and Herdbook currently in. IDGR herdbooks are not absolute and unchanging. If in a lower herdbook, once the correct records are found then the goat may be moved to a higher herdbook. This is called Conservation of the Breed
  • Owner name and and transfer date to last owner
  • Brief Official Pedigree
  • Goats who have DNA testing have DNA titles and seals and DNA Verified on the Certificate
  • Official Certificate number and Seal for authentiation

What your Official Registration Certificae is not

  • Assumed pedigree with a Registration Number on it
  • Ownership to you, if you do not have documentation where change of ownership has not been acquired by you
  • Placed in a Purebred or Fullblood herdbook if the goat has no credentials to be in that herdbook (credentials above).
  • Offspring of dams you acquired, whose ownership has not been transferred to you, will not be registered as Purebred. They will be registered as Grade until you acquire the Signed Transfer of Ownership

What is an Official Pedigree?

  • Pedigree derived from Official Registrations
  • Official Pedigrees do not contain breeders and owners names, as doing so is an invasion of privacy of folks
  • has official Pedigrees at a small charge