Peggy’s Biography

Peggy Boone started with dairy goats in 2009 which led to her opening and operating her goat raw milk sales business. She has been certified as both a bookkeeper and tax preparer. Peggy has worked with registrars of four different registries and creating a breed standard. Peggy is a certified Dairy Herd Improve Milk Supervisor/(tester).  Peggy taught human genealogy research for years, with emphasis on facts and pure research. With this is the knowledge of goat pedigree research with emphasis on facts and sources, understanding of source types. While working on the family cattle ranch growing up, Peggy also learned the art of conformation and body structure evaluation. This is a vital skill when looking at what breeds goats are, as well as other treasons. This work led to her taking over the IDGR registry.

Peggy also has extensive knowledge in genetics (DNA, parentage, breed analysis, etc.) and is learning further through working with geneticists. She is continuing that work through the parent registry IGSCR. She resides in Goshen, UT. where she enjoys writing, website and data entry, customer service and spending time with her herd of goats and horses. Peggy 

Peggy with one of her Nigerian Dwarf Columbine
Peggy on her mare LIttle Bay Queen
Its haying time on te homestead

You got it. Peggy is just one of the farmers who puts food on other’s tables. she is in there with real life skills. Her family has been on the homestead working with animals, evaluating conformation and performing genealogical researcch for generations. She is one of you and invites you to become one of the IDGR family.