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IDGR (RE: IGSCR, LLC) and San Clemente Island DNA

IDGR has pioneered the DNA Parentage and Marker testing for the San Clemente Island goats. There have been a few private folks who have done testing over the years. However, IGSCR has been working directly with breeders and owners for close to two years to test their San Clemente Island goats. Entire herds are DNA tested through IGSCR

UC Davis and IDGR-IGSCR recommend that all animals in your herd are Marker tested. If you can’t afford to do this, then at the very least pull a hair sample from each animal in your herd. Either store it in a cool dry place at your house, or better yet send a hair sample to the IDGR office for use when it s needed in Parent testing.

We never know when an animal will be lost, stolen or passes away. We never know when each animal’s DNA is needed for Parent testing of another animal. There is a rash of theft these days from folks coming to farms and rustling your animal, transporters themselves stealing or someone stealing from transporters. The list goes on. Bottom line, pull the hair sample on every goat in your herd. Also even little baby boy goats can be the unsuspected sire of an offspring.

Bottom Line: Pull the sample from every goat in your herd. Keep one sample and send another sample to the IDGR office.

Bottom Line: Test all animals for Markers if at all possible

Bottom Line: The Marker and Parent testing is often the key to saving breeds from extinction, and works hand in hand with the Official San Clemente Island Goat Registry (which is

IDGR has been and remains the only Official San Clemente Island Goat registry since the goats’ removal from the Island. We are dedicated to the preservation of the breed and its records, as well as to the members feeling secure that their records are preserved throughout the generations.

What is a DNA Marker Test and what it is NOT

  • A Genetic Marker for your goat is likened to a Genetic Fingerprint to your animal.
  • A Marker DOES NOT test for a breed.
  • Use 1: For Parentage and Breed Analysis
  • Use 2: Forensics Evidence in the case of stolen animals, etc (we will contact the lab about this in more detail)

Parentage Testing

  • So what is Parentage testing? UC Davis uses the DNA Marker of the POSSIBLE dam and sire to compare with the offspring. They are looking for differences and exclusions.
  • The lab discovers Excluded parents or qualfied parents for that offspring
  • If you have a group of possible parents, the lab runs all the possible parents against the offspring to discover and report the correct parental pair for the offspring.
  • If the possible parents are bred too closely together in lineage, it may be next to impossible for the parental pair to be discovered.
  • If you are trying to discover the parental results for a herd where there perhaps is a buck breakout or Wild Herd, it is vital to test them all!
  • Even if you know the dam, the accuacy of parental qualification increates from about 95% to over 99% by including both parental options for testing as a parental pair
  • Do you need to test all the offsping in a litter against possible parents? Absolutely. There can be more that one sire who is the parent of babies in a litter. Just this year alone, 2021 kiddings, we have numerous members who have one sire for one littermate and a different sire for another littermate.
  • You may feel free to read more about UC Davis

UC Davis can test for Breed Analysis of my goat, right?

The short answer is that NO, UC Davis does NOT currently test for Breed Analysis aka what breed your goat is.

But I was told that they do test for Breed Analysis on Nigerian Dwarf and San Clemente Island goats! Well, you were told incorrectly. Breed Analysis is NOT currently a service that UC Davis provides.

IGSCR is working hand in hand and began so roughly a year and a half ago with a geneticist to create the Breed Analysis that can be done for many goat breeds. We currently have 13 breeds we can test against.

Breed Analysis is not a one-stop-shop to knowing what breeds or breeds your goat is. What it does is tell us if there are no other breeds or multiple breeds. If multiple breeds are inclusive in the genetic makeup of you goat, the ones that are important are the breeds that are over 10% in your goat.

IGSCR worked hand in hand with two fellow San Clemente Island Goat breeders and the geneticist to provide you with the opportunity to be able to test if your goat has San Clemente Island in its genetic makeup, or if in fact it is a Fullblood or Purebred. This special project was started by the two breeders more than two years ago. IDGR began working with these two breeders as a support for necessary records and DNA at the permission of breeders/owners who gave their permission for use of their animals in the creation of this test. This test is provided through requesting the Marker and Breed Analysis through the IDGR office. The availability of the testing of your San Clemente Island goat will be rolled out soon for use. Again, reach out to the IDGR office if you wish to test your goat.

Breed Analysis is NOT used by itself. We are instructed by the geneticist to use it only as one tool. The other tools are Official Registration (PROVEN PEDIGREES THROUGH PARENTAGE with IDGR), along with observing for generations of the animal’s family members to know if it is breeding true to form for the San Clemente Island breed description.

Breed Analysis is NOT meant to place an animal in lower herdbooks like American etc. What it does is to give us a good idea if the animal is a Purebred or Fullblood or if it is rather a crossbred of various breeds. The San Clemente Island goat is currently the only breed that IDGR has tested for Breed that has no other breeds included in its genetic makeup. That suggests it does have unique DNA, just as the Cordoba test said.

Again, if you desire Breed Analysis, please contact the IDGR office.

0 If an animal is to be placed into the Fullblood herdbood, they must be Marker and Breed Analysis tested. Parent testing where possible is a must as well. The Fullblood herdbook is a new herdbook created in 2021 by IDGR for the Elite 100% no questions asked San Clemente Island goats Officially documented to the Island.

0 Purebreds should either be DNA Marker Tested or have DNA on file with IDGR so that lineage and breed may be proven. This is starting 2021 Official Registrations.

0 IDGR is commited to true Official Conservation of the San Clemente Breed. In order to do this, we must all work hard to keep good records, keep the breed pure.

If you have no information on your goat, it will be placed in the Grade herdbook, until documentation of Ownership and lineage are discover. Also until the Breeder is found and submits Application to the IDGR office. In order for the Grade goat to be moved up to a Purebred, it must also be Marker and Breed Analsyis tested. Preferably also Parent tested, however this is not always possible. The reason for this is because that Official Registrations require the breeder submitting acceptance for registration AND keep in mind there is a lot of theft and hearsay pedigrees that do not accurately document a goat’s lineage, breeder or owner. In fact you may be purchasing a goat who is NOT the goat you thought it was or who is actually owned by someone else. These goats will be Recorded in the Grade Herdbook of the IDGR Census database, until they can be moved up to the Purebred herdbooks.

Why Test through IDGR-IGSCR?

  • We have a partnership with UC Davis to provide for you with the best possible DNA Testing and alalysis
  • IDGR is experience in genetics testing and continues to know more all the time
  • We at the Official Registry work hand in hand with geneticists
  • IDGR analyzes the lab reports and places titles on your Official Registration Certifcate. It also places DNA Verified on the certificate. This gives you an Elite Officially Registered goat and Official Registration Certificate so that you may know of a surity of what the animal is you have or are purchasing
  • Your records are protected, as IDGR and UC Davis consider them the same as human medical records. We do NOT share your records with anyone.
  • The DNA record is ONLY for fair use of the owner and breeer of the goat. It is not for use in other non-USDA approved organizations. It is not to be shared on the internet. Remember!!! DNA Reports are official Medical Records of the goat you Officially own.