Elite IDGR Goat Classifieds

With many breeds, San Clemente Island goats and others there is a trend for animals to be sold or have a change of ownership who have no credentials for Official Regstration Purebred Status.

The Problem

  • Other listings which have animals with unproven pedigrees or from non-Officially Registered breeders
  • Listings of animals who themselves or the offspring are not officially transferred to the seller’s name
  • Animals who have no USDA-Approved Identification or any Identification physically on the animal, tracing it to the breeder to owner to owner (or on the parents). Without the Identification, the animal is NOT traceable to anybody or to San Clemente Island or to any pedigree.
  • All too often there are non-IDGR pedigrees that are shared on a goat and listing IDGR Registration numbers and goat names without permission to use those records. This gives false hope and assumption to breeders, or potential buyers of one of two things:

a) Assumption that the animal or its parents are Officially Registered (false assumption) or
b) Assuption that the animal and/or its parents are Officially Registerable (false assumption. Many of these animals are not registered or registerable for various reasons.

  • Folks are starting their San Clemente Island herd with non-registered or non-registerable goats, then find out too late of the status of their purchases

International Dairy Goat Registry Brings you the solution

View below the solution to the problem. We want breeders to make purchases with confidence, as they add to their herds or start their new San Clemente Island herd. If you are fine with unregistered or unregistered goats, that is just fine. Every animal has a place and they are all created by our loving creator. All animals (registered or not, crossbred or Purebred or not) should be loved, cherrished and valued.

  • If you are seaking an Officially registered San Clemente Island goat who is in the Conservation program, this is the place to find the goat.
  • If you are seeking to share your Officially Registered or Registerable San Clemente Island goats with Conservation buyers or those who wish to raise goats in San Clemente Island goats in Conservation, this is the place to list these goats.
  • If you would like to list your herd and are on the Officially Registered list, this is a great place to list your herd listing.
  • You may also want to list Matings, whose offspring you would like to take orders reservations on. If your herd is Officially Registered, then these are also acceptable listings.

About our Classified Animal Listings

  • All San Clemente Island goats are IDGR and IGSCR certified as registerable or registered, based upon IDGR/IGSCR DNA testing and our Classifieds team who reach into the IDGR Official Registration database, to ensure that all animals listed have the Official Registration Transfer and Identification current.
  • It is vital that animals purchased and sold for Conservation of the heritage San Clemente Island goat are either Registered, Transferred to the current owner or Registerable by the Official Registry; International Dairy Goat Registry.
  • IDGR brings you the first Pioneered ELITE Certified San Clemente Island Classifieds to ensure that you are purchasing animals who are part of the true conservation of the breed.
  • This Classifieds will bring you the option to really showcase your animal, herd or mating in a very unique way
  • If the animal or its parentage is still in the process of DNA testing, then this will be listed. Sometimes DNA verification takes some time, as our lab is backed up. All goats listed here on our classifieds either have DNA Markers and parentage on file with IDGR DNA testing, or the parentage is in the process of being tested.
  • Each goat listing will be analyzed before the listing occurs to ensure that all is completed on the Registration, Transfer or application for Registration for the animal.
  • Once analyzed, we will place the Seal or approval for the listing.
All goats listed on the Elite IDGR Classifieds will be pre-approved by IDGR team to ensure they are ready for sale, because they are either IDGR Registered or Registerable/
lf the animal is ELITE IDGR Registered, or its parents are, then this seal will be placed with the animal listing, also.


Any person or organization who is caught using this Classifieds to create or add to their database or farm records will be warned that this is not allowable. If this persists, the person will be removed from the ability to use this Classifieds. This is NOT the location to pilfer information to build databases.

The IDGR Classifieds is open to our Members and Limited Members who agree to use this free service for the purpose it is intended. Limited Members are those who are seeking to get into the San Clemente Island goat breed for Conservation.

This Classifieds is purely for the purpose of:

  • Sharing your Officially Registered IDGR herd
  • Sharing your Officially Registered potential Offspring for other folks to reserve offspring or new herds
  • Sharing Officially Registered or Registerable San Clemente Island goats
  • Placing a “Wanted” listing for Officially Registered or Registerable San Clemente Island goats

How your listings will be shared

  • On this website for our members
  • Non-members may view by requesting access
  • Regular newsletters with our Classifieds to our members