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The only official SCI Goat Registry for 40 years since their exportation from the San Clemente Island

Businesses and Farms

We welcome your Business and Farm special Advertisements. Our businesses, farms and vendors are unique to our IGSCR-IDGR group. We thank you so much for supporting us.

Please order your large page advertisement. It may include a few photos, video and wording. Include your store as well if you have one. If you would like us to help you build your store, we are here to help.


Graphic Design

Boone Design Drawings

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A brief look at what we are thrilled to offer you.

Some brief Examples below

  • Logos
  • Banners
  • Custom Digital Drawings
  • Custom Advertisements

See Boone Design Drawings page

Some examples of Logos

A few drawing examples

Signs and Trophies

Fund Raiser Stores

IGSCR Rada Cutlery Fundraiser Store
Our store is open 24-7 365 days a week. This is a great opportunity to obtain awesome gifts, or purchase for your kitchen.

Christmas is coming around the corner. Get your gifts now!

Thank you for supporting our special programs like DNA, Histories, working through old and new pedigrees

  • Kives and kitchen gadgets
  • Books
  • Mixes and soups
  • Gift and wedding
  • Pans
  • Grilling
Kives and Kitchen Gadgets
Soups, mixes

Featured Farms:

Feature your farm through our large farm add. You can really showcase your farm on your advertisement and also your personal page.

Featured farms are raise fully Officially Registered goats and other species. Many also DNA test with IDGR-IGSCR to bring you the correct purebred and fullblood Officially Pedigreed animals that you may trust.

Various species and breeds are most welcome

Our in-house advertising specialist is happy to create your Featured Farm Adervisement. You will have multiple options available to you.

Get your Advertisement and Page today! Thank you for your support and we are very happy to serve you!

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On this section is also Officially IDGR-IGSCR Animals for sale, by Species and Breed.

Animals listed for sale are only allowed if they are fully Officially Registered/Registerable, the transfers are up-to-date and preferably DNA Tested.

This is your Elite Classifieds directory where you may find the right animal for your farm.

You may make a special page for your farm and animals for sale, to truly showcase them.