IDGR Transfer Applications

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Why transfers?

  • It is the law
  • Also for your protection so that you have proof of ownership, you need the signed transfer that officially Identifies: Animal, buyer and seller, date of sale, signature of person giving change of ownership
  • If the person giving ownership has acquired the animal or its dam, then if they do not have the Transfer for that dam, they do not have legal ownership. Thus they cannot transfer ownership of dam or offspring
  • IDGR is an Official Registry. We require all animals to have up-to-date transfers before the final owner is given ownership on the Official Registration Certificate
  • Person who gives ownership to a new owner is responsible to submit transfers within 60 days of the transaction. Submit and pay for transfer fee. Current Transfer fee is $4.50
  • Person receiving the new animal must check to ensure that the Identification physically on the animal matches the animal’s transfer, any IDGR-approved Registration Application or IDGR-IGSCR Registration Certificate
  • If the transfers are not submitted and the service paid for, then the offspring are Grade (re: undocumented) and therefore not Registerable until the dam’s Transfer of ownership is submitted to the IDGR Office. This is standard practice of any official Registration.
  • If you want your animals in the Conservation of the San Clemente Island program, the Official Registrations, Identification and Transfers must be up-to-date with us; your Official Registry
  • Fill out the Transfer, Submit to IDGR, Pay for the service, email to, along with a photo showing the Scrapie Tag (if a tag is used).
  • IDGR wiill complete stamp your Transfer Application as approved, if all is in order. The new Registration Certificate will be sent to the new owner.