International Dairy Goat Registry San Clemente Island Records

International Dairy Goat Registry is the True and Accurate full genetic Pedigree and Registration Record of the San Clemente Island goat in the world. Our records hold the Official source documents to back up our registration and transfer records.

We and the breed owe it to the wonderful registrars, Owners and Breeders and Geneticists who have worked tirelessly for over 40 years.

IDGR also pioneered the DNA (genetic) San Clemente Island database of the the San Clemente Island goat. This is an onging huge genetic database that is the works of our great breeders and geneticists and ourselves. Thank you for your continued hard work!


Disclaimer: Non-IDGR Pedigrees are NOT sources or useable for Registration purposes, under any circumstances.

Disclaimer: Most of the DNA records are the extensive work of the IDGR team (IDGR DNA staff, IDGR Members and our geneticists)

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to require further information if necessary. This may be in the form of photos, DNA testing, etc. Often this is not necessary.

Quick Registration Process steps

You may check out our slideshow, upcoming videos, upcoming flow chart if you prefer.

Registration Process is quick and easy if you follow the easy steps and your goat is registerable.

  • Contact IDGR Office Prior to acquiring goat: If you are acquiring a goat, please contact the IDGR office if you do not see the Official documents that are approved by IDGR (or IGSCR or IDGR-IFBR), to ensure that this goat is Officially Registerable
  • Membership: Become a Member of International Dairy Goat Registry (many great perks, including discounted rates & DNA testing to becoming a member)
  • Herdname: Register your Herdname and herd Identification
  • Official Documents: Ensure that you have correct Official Documentation for every animal on your farm
  • Physical Primary USDA-Approved Identification only used for Registration: Ensure that your goat’s Physical Identification matches what is on the Official goat’s paperwork. No Exceptions. If it does not match or is non-existent, this goat is not registerable.
  • Breeder-signed Registration Application for goat being registered
  • You acquired goat? Transfer of Ownership signed by person who transferred ownership (Use our transfer form or a Bill of Sale showing ALL of the correct required information)
  • Your goat is now owned by someone else? Fill out the Transfer of Ownership, submit to IDGR Office and pay for transfer
  • DNA Requirement: As of December 1, 2021 all Registration Applications must have must be accompanied by DNA of animal being registered or transferred.
  • Clear Side Photo: (upon Registration and Ownership Transfer)
  • Service Memos or IDGR-approved Lease Agreement required.
  • If Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transplant or Lease Agreements: IDGR DNA testing is required to be submitted and paid for by the goat owner for parents and offspring, before Registration will occur.

The Conservation of the San Clemente Island Goat from San Clemente Island through to the current animals depends upon following these steps. Nothing less is acceptable.

As we find old herd , they will be allowed admittance to our herdbooks, as we find them. International Dairy Goat Registry is ever working with breeders and owners and the true San Clemente Island breed. We work hard with breeders, owners and our geneticists.

Let’s Explain the Steps and Documents (IDGR Policy)

Official Document Types

  • Breeder-Signed Registration Application
  • Full Transfer of Ownership filled out and signed by person transferring ownership.
  • IDGR DNA records
  • Clear Side photo
  • IDGR Service Memos and Lease Agreements
  • IDGR-approved Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transplant collections reports

Primary USDA-approved Identification Physically on goat (Official)

  • Only USDA-approved Identification types are allowable for the Official Registration process.
  • Identification physically on goat
  • Must match all official documents on the animal.
  • The Official Identification must trace to Origin and to the Breeder.
  • If Identification on goat does NOT match paperwork, please contact IDGR office Immediately.
  • If your Scrapie Tags fell out, please complete the Identification Change form
  • If you are adding another Official or non-official Identification type to your goat, please fill out the Identification Change form immediately
Approved Primary Identification Types (Only types used for Official IDGR Registration)
  • USADA Scrapie Tag
  • 840 EID Microchip or 840 RFID eartags (USDA)
  • IDGR-Approved Herd Tattoos
  • Non-840 microchips (placed in goat before March 15, 2015)
  • USDA Flock ID coupled with unique animal Identification (we will get more information on this).
  • No Exceptions allowed

Non-Official Identification Types and Policy (secondary option Identification)

Not used for Official Registration under any circumstances, by International Dairy Goat Registry.

  • Non-Official types may be added to the goat.
  • Useful with some farm programs in their record keeping
  • These forms of Identification may be useful to help track who animals have lost their Official Identification
  • Beware of false information on goat Identification.

Non-Official Identification Types (secondary Identification)

  • Non-840 microchips (Usually a 15 digit pet microchips) placed on goat after March 11, 2015
  • Internal Farm Identification numbering system
  • Farm Tag

Physical Identification of any type may not be removed or deliberately covered up

Doing so is an automatic Revoke of any Registration Certificate.

It is against the Federal law and State Regulations, and IDGR policy.

USDA law and State Regulations prohibit removal of USDA Identification

If Official Identification has Actually fallen off or tattoos unreadable

We at International Dairy Goat will work with you, to help you identify and prove that your goat is still the same animal.

It is all about the safety of your farm, animal, pedigree of your animal, breed Conservation. It starts with you as a breeder or owner.

About Transfers

If the Identification on the animal does not match the Official Records, the goat will not be transferred until this is rectificed

If the photo is clealy not looking like the same animal as the original paperwork, the goat will not be transferred until steps are taken to prove that this goat is the same animal.

Why? There is a rash of theft, fraud and mixups or even lost Identification on animals. It is imperitave that you are acquiring the goat you asked for

About DNA for the Official Registration

Creating the sample

  • Use clean pliers between each goat
  • Grasp hair near skin and jerk out hair in long clean hair area (brisket, withers, hips, tail)
  • You need about 20-40 hairs (good sized gob with hair follicle) DO NOT cut hair
  • Place hair in clean PAPER envelope. Seal. Write full goat’s name, Date of birth, Physical Identification in envelope for that goat
  • Send sample to IDGR for testing. Or if you prefer to send it to the lab yourself, we fill out the Internal DNA order form. We will create the VGL order form, then email you the VGL order form. Send the VGL order form and the sample to the VGL lab
  • IF you own the goat and you have paid for testing, you will receive the Official IDGR Summary once testing is complete
  • In some cases DNA testing is required to be paid for by the applicant. Obviously we prefer that everyone pay for their testing. We know that not everyone will be able to do that.