Are you purchasing or acquiring a goat? Are you Registering a goat you Bred?

Do you want a Registered Goat, who can be in the Conservation Program?

Do you want a goat who isn’t Registered? Or you don’t care?

If you want a Registered Goat who is in Conservation,

then follow these easy steps.

If you don’t care if the goat is Officially registered, then

you still need to ensure the goat has

Official USDA-Approved Identification physically on the goat


a completed Ownership Transfer.

Procedure for Acquiring Registerable animals who are in the Conservation Program of the San Clemente Island goat

Step 1: Contact IDGR to ensure the goat is registerable

Step 2:

Look at the Official Documents

Ensure the person wanting to transfer ownership to you actually has ownership

Ensure physical Identification on goat matches the Official paperwork and IS USDA-approved Identification

Step 3: Knowing what are Official Documents

  • Official IDGR Registration Certificate in the seller’s name or
  • Approved IDGR Registration Application signed by person giving wanting to transfer ownership
  • Approved IDGR Approved Ownership Transfer

Step 4: Knowing what are NOT Official or Acceptable documents for Registration

  • Pedigrees of any kind
  • Non-Official Identification (RE: Non-USDA-Approved Identification types)

Step 5: Know what types of Official Identification are allowed by USDA and State regulations. Likewise for Official Registration

Official Identification types below:

  • Scrapie Tag
  • 840 Microchip (if placed on goat AFTER Mar 11 2015)
  • non-840 Microchip (if place o n goat BEFORE Mar 11 20015)
  • Registry Tattoo accompanied by Official IDGR Registration Certificate, approved IDGR Registration Application or Transfer
  • Special USDA tattoos with USDA Flock ID (Not the scrapie tag numbers)

Identification is Not allowed to be covered up or removed. Its USDA Regulation. Also in so doing means that the goat is no longer identifyable.

Step 6: Know what types of Identification are NOT Official for registered or unregistered goats

Non-Official Identification types below:

  • Farm Tags
  • Farm electronic or paper Identification numbers
  • Farm Recordation numbers (some folks think they can do farm registrations. There is no such a thing officially). However, if they give farm Recordation Numbers, these are Non-Official)
  • Non-840 microchips if placed on goat after Mach 11, 2015

These types of Identification may be beneficial, but they are NOT ever official Identification by USDA or State regulation or for Registration Purposes.

We at IDGR do accept them as a secondary source only. They can never be used for Registration or transfer.

Step 7: If you acquire the goat Collect the things and documents to the right.

  • Official Registration Certification AND the fully filled out/signed Transfer.
  • If the animal is not already registered, then collect the IDGR Approved Registration Application AND Transfer
  • Collect a hair sample of the goat you are acquiring and also of the parents if possible. (for DNA testing)
  • Ensure the Identification matches!!!
  • Take a clear side photograph of the goat for Registrations and Transfers

Step 8: Submit Applications Photograph and DNA to IDGR asap before it is forgotten


  • Failure to forget the Registration Applications, Transfer submissions is what usually causes animals to become grade (RE: Unregistered).
  • Failure to collect documents at the time of acquiring the goat is next to impossible to obtain later
  • Slow registrations are usually the result of the above because we are having to go back and collect the information that should have been collected by breeders or owners in the first place. Simply because many folks just don’t know.
  • The process is easy if you follow these steps. Think of the steps when you purchase a car.
  • Also Ownership Transfer if for ANY change of ownership. Give away, buy, trade, etc.
  • Do not ask for DNA records. Those are NOT yours. DNA records are meant for the person who owns the goat AND paid for testing. RE: Lab and IDGR policy. DNA records are medical records, just as your personal medical records for yourself are not shareable. You may look on your registration certificate to know if there is DNA testing done. Look for those ELITE Registration Certificates.

We know that life gets in the way of what we want to do. So sometimes we can go back and obtain what is needed.

Did you breed the goat that you are registering? Meaning did you legally own the dam of the goat you are registering? If yes simply complete the Registration Application as above.

If you do not own the dam or sire, then there is a document that is required. Service Memo, Artificial Insemination or Embryo Transplant Service Memo or Lease Agreement

If the offspring is the result of Artificial Insemination or Embryo Transplant, there are requirements listed below:

  • DNA submitted and Paid for through IDGR for parents and offspring
  • IDGR-approved Collections report
  • IDGR Artificial Insemination or Embryo Transplant Service Memo
  • Then follow Registration Application as normal

We hear to help. Happy raising San Clemente Island goats and have fun.