This is an on line form used for either Transfer or Registration. It is a bulk form for multiple animals.

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About IDGR Registrations

  • Professional Official DNA analyzed Official Registration
  • Validates your herd lineage
  • Adds value to your herd
  • Aids in the strong Genetic strength of the breed for years to come

Your Easy Steps

  • fill in the information
  • include required photos or documents
  • sign the form
  • validate your email though the validation link, going to your email, copying and pasting the validation code from our email to the required location on the form
  • Press SUBMIT button
  • Pay for the services you are requesting
  • Send hair sample to IDGR Office of goat you are applying for registration on.
  • If you own the parents and have not submitted a DNA sample, send those hair samples in also
  • If the Official Identification is not physically on the goat which matches the Official goat’s paperwork, send another sample of the hair to IDGR for verification of the goat.

IDGR Steps after you submit and pay for Registration or Transfer Services

  • Staff reviews your application to ensure all necessary fields are completed by applicant
  • Staff reviews to ensure that your DNA sample is sent to the IDGR Office or if we already have the DNA in our IDGR VGL account
  • Staff reviews to ensure payment for all services are paid
  • You will be given either an acceptance of the application or a rejection or what is needed. You will also be given the Registration Certificate level that your goat is eligible for
  • If all is in order for your application, then the IDGR Registration team will proceed with working on your order
  • Our goal is to give you faster Registration Certificates. In order for this to happen the applications must be filled out completely and payment made. Until this is done, the application IS NOT complete and will not be processed. Our goal also is not to sacrifice speed with accuracy. The genetic strength of the San Clemente Island breed is in the accuracy of the official records (farm and Official Registration)
  • While we are waiting on DNA testing results, you have an option shown below. Note that is you opt for option #1 it will be clearly stated on either the Identification or Basic Certificate that the parentage is NOT IDGR DNA confirmed and may change once parentage is analyzed.
  1. Option 1: You may request either an Identification Certificate or a Basic Certificate while you wait for DNA results. The difference in these two certificates is:

a) Identification Certificate has no lineage on it. Designed for either non-owner transport OR Animals that we have
no lineage on who are essentially Recorded Grade San Clemente Island.

b) Basic Certificate is for those herds whom we have a long history of registrations with, have a good parental track
record OR whom we are just waiting on parentage results to be completed.

Both of these certificates, as with all Registration Certificates require a DNA sample be on file with the IDGR office. This is effective December 1 2021

These certificates may be sent to you digitally or in paper copy. Your choice.

If you have opted to receive Certificate a) Identification or b) Basic while you wait for parentage results on the GOAT YOU OWN, then you will be notified once the parentage or other results are completed. If you want the updated Registration Certificate, then you would pay for the Upgrade fee.

2) Option 2: You use the Application with authorization and Animal recordation as your record of the goat while you wait for testing to be completed.

a) Once the results of testing are complete, you will receive the certificate that you paid for.

If there are steps missed, items missing, Identification missing what happens?

  • After the notification above which will be sent to you, your application will be placed in the holding file until the problem is resolved.
  • There are some Registrations or Transfers which are either revoked or suspended because of fraud or other problems. Very few have to be placed in this category.

Steps to be followed are for a reason. Often times we are missing needed information to validate or even know who an animal is.

Failure to complete steps, failure of breeders to send transfers or registration applications, lost animal Identification or none at all slows or even prohibits the Official Registration to take place. We cannot process the order for Registration or Transfer if we do not have the correct data or know who the animal really is.

If you have a question on what is asked of your for further validation, feel free to ask.

Remember the integrity of your herd and the genetic strength of the breed depends upon accurate records both at the Farm and Official Registry level. Remember that the strength of the breed depends upon good breeding practices, rather than some practices that are taught which actually makes the genetic makeup of the breed weaker.

Please follow the easy steps.

If you want faster registrations and you would like your herd to part of the Conservation of the San Clemente Island breed, consider the importance of the Official Registration. In fact, the key to the survival of the San Clemente Island breed depends upon the Official DNA Registration and process that goes with it.

A word about DNA. You will NOT receive a copy of any DNA summary on an animal you do not own. If you have not paid for DNA testing you will not receive a copy of that summary. DNA is a medical record of your goat.

If you do not own the goat, you will not receive a copy of the pedigree or Registration of that animal. Those pedigrees are confidential Official Records.