About Registration Types:

First know as of Dec 1 2021 all Registrations and some transfers require a DNA sample sent to IDGR office. 

All DNA for registration purposes requires that DNA runs directly through the IDGR office. A few exemptions for large herds or herd owner medical/disasters may be granted on a case by case basis.

Our breeders have asked for a Graduated Registration Certificate type. These are the types. We value our members’ thoughts and requests.

Identification Certificate: Contains no parentage

Current Price: $7.00 (subject to change)

Used for:

  • Non-Owner Transport
  • Recorded Grade [aka goats with no proven Official IDGR Proven Registered Lineage]) Grade or Non-Registered goats WILL NOT receive an RGA of 100% nor will they be in the Purebred or Fullblood herdbooks. They will be in the Recorded Grade herdbook. Offspring of Recorded Grade goats may not Grade (aka breed) up to purebred status. The only way for Recorded Grade animals to move up to Purebred status is if the correct documentation is obtained for Purebred status.
  • Herds who do not have an IDGR track record of accurate parentage while awaiting IDGR Parental Analysis results
  • Shows no DNA titles or stars

Basic Registration Certificate: contains ASSUMED parentage, but not DNA proven. Note that after DNA analysis is complete, the lineage or breed may change.

Current Price $12.00 (subject to change)

  • Upon applicant choice may be used as an initial Registration Certificate ONLY by breeders who have a good parental and breed track record with IDGR.  
  • IF DNA analysis is not complete and your herd is in good standing for Parentage with IDGR, you may apply for the Basic Registration Certificate, while you await DNA testing.
  • This Certificate will clearly state that lineage or breed is not DNA Analyzed for accuracy
  • For applicants who have sent in DNA to IDGR, but who have not paid for testing
  • Basic Registration Certificate will show no DNA titles or DNA stars

Standard Registration Certificate: Contains DNA stars and DNA titles
(animal does not qualify for Full ELITE Registration)

Current price is $45 (subject to change)

  • Used for goats whose owners have paid for DNA testing, but the goat does not qualify for one of the ELITE Registration Certificates
  • See ELITE Registration requirements

Several types of Standard Registration certificates (these are just levels)

  • Goats with Standard Certificates are missing some Parentage or Grandparents DNA verification
  • Limited Elite Standard Registration Certificate. Parental DNA analyzed through Parents. 

ELITE Registration Certificate (Gold Crown Registration which adds value and IDGR/VGL Genetic proof of who and what what your goat is)

Current price without Breed Ranking is $53 (prices subject to change)

  • Applicant must pay for the ELITE Registration Certificate specifically (which includes the DNA testing and special certificate bundle)
  • Goat must qualify. We do not want you to pay for the ELITE Registration Certificate if your goat does not qualify

Elite: DNA parent tested through the Grandparents.This is a full Elite Registration Certificate

Elect ELITE: DNA parent verified through Great Grandparents and even further back.

Herdbook types for your understanding

These are types which we created out of necessity and while working with the Livestock Conservancy.


Reserved for those animals and herds who 100% Officially trace trace to San Clemente Island with no questions asked. These are goats who are either bred by a Founding herd, or animals in a closed herd who are acquired from a Founding Herd.

The Fullblood herd book is a new herd book created in early 2021 for the purpose to separate out the goats who have holes in their lineage and were called Purebreds. Also our key geneticist made it known to us that the only San Clemente Island goats who may hold the RGA 100% status are the Fullblood Officially registered goats. We at IDGR concurred and made those adjustments.

International Dairy Goat Registry worked extensively on a large project in early 2021 with a geneticist. We identified Founding and Composite herds, the ones that we are aware of who still breed to day and the influence of the Founding herds on the goats bred today.

Currently there are two Fullblood herds breeding today that we are aware of and who register with IDGR.

  • RIVETTI Ranch (Fullblood origian breeder who derived their herd from San Clemente Island. Then also have LARRY WARREN who also derived their San Clemente Island goats directly from San Clemente Island.
  • DeWildt who raises purely RIVETTI bloodline

We are quite aware that there are likely other Fullblood herds still breeding, but are unaware yet who they are.


  • These goats still trace to San Clemente Island, but may have a few holes in their Official lineages. Rest assured that IDGR does hold the sources to trace these goats back to San Clemente Island.
  • Do not hold the RGA 100% status, because there may be brief holes for various reasons
  • Highly documented and analyzed, as are the Fullblood San Clemente Island goats

Within the Purebred herdbook goats are several classes.

Full Purebred: Those goats who have no missing information

Recovery: Those goats who may be missing some bits of information that really are not crucial for Official Registration, or are the product currently of controlled breeding but their origin are from Official Wild Herds

Wild Herd: These are herds who run their animals in a fashion like a commercial cow herd. They run multiple bucks and does together. These are NOT just random animals. All core animals in the herd must be IDGR DNA typed. Offspring registered from these herds must have DNA parent testing to attempt to find out who the offspring are.

Disclaimer: Wild Herds are NOT for herds who just run their herds willy nilly and have no records or IDGR DNA markers on their goats. Herds like that are just running Grade goats.

Old Flock: Reserved for old herds who have run their herds in a special fashion. We work directly with these herds and have a special relationship with how they work with their stock.

Recorded Grade

  • These are animals whom there is no record of who they are
  • Often no physical Identification on goat and no DNA
  • No Breeder to Owner Registration Applications, photos, correct Transfer documentation
  • Essentially they are not proven San Clemente Island goats
  • The only way for a goat to move from Recorded Grade to Purebred is with the correct documentation to prove this goat from breeder to owner with complete certainty

We have done strong research, worked with our key geneticist and done much strong thought. tAdding Recorded Grades to a Purebred and Fullblood breed destroys the breed. These goats are usually Recorded Grade for multiple reasons.

a) Breeders and Owners kept no records
b) Breeders and Owners were not worrying about Physical Identification or letting IDGR know when Identification falls off or is non-existent for some reason
c) Not keeping up with Official Registrations or Correct Transfers of Ownership

If you want to keep your herd registered and in the true Conservation of the San Clemente Island goat, follow easy steps of Registration, IDGR DNA and Physical Identification.

Some folks petition IDGR to accept goats who test as a San Clemente Island goat but have no credentials for registration. We have given this much thought and talked to geneticists. We are not going to do this for several reasons:

a) Breed testing is NOT that sophisticated

b) There are legal reasons. If a breeder does not sell you a registered goat, then we do not have permission to register the goats

c) There is a rash of theft and fraud in the goat and other species world. This is in many countries. We cannot transfer a goat to your name without permission from the IDGR Registered Owner to do so.

Experimental aka crossbred

Under no circumstances may a crossbred goat enter into the Herdbook of the Purebred or Fullblood San Clemente Island goat. Allowing them to do so is at the destruction of the breed. We have seen this in dairy breeds. There are whole dairy breeds who are largely non-existent today and folks do not know it. Folks are raising assumed Purebreds who are actually crossbreds. Crossbreeding and allowing them into the Purebred herdbooks changes what actually makes the San Clemente Island goat what it is genetically and in its conformation.

Conservation Breeder

This type of breeder is a leader in the breeder world. Although we want to have loads of fun and we should, being a true Conservation Breeder means that we must do a lot of hard work.

Conservation Breeding also means that we must work directly with our Geneticists and our Official Registry. International Dairy Goat Registry is the founding and Official Registry of the San Clemente Island goat.

Conservation Registry

  • Very special type of Official Registry
  • Ensure that no animals who are not proven to be part of the Breed it is preserving are allowed to be admitted to that breed’s herdbooks
  • Ensuring that animals who do not meet the Conservation standards are not admitted, but also are keep identified
  • Ensuring that the true breed description of the breed is adhered to.