International Dairy Goat Registry

Your official SCI Goat Registry for 40 years since their exportation from the San Clemente Island

Registration and Transfer Applications

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Preferred Application (online Bulk Application)

Simply do the following:

  • type the information
  • upload any required photos or documents
  • write your signature in signature box
  • verify your email
  • Hit Submit.
  • you should receive a Thank you.

Online Bulk Registration and Transfer Applications

Microsoft Word Applications

Single Animal Registration Application (IDGR)

Multiple Animal Registration Application (IDGR)

PDF Registration Applications

What happens after you submit one of your applications?

Registration Application Requirements

  • No registration will take place without payment for the services.
  • Must be breeder filled out completely, photograph from breeder of animal, Official-USDA-approved ID that the breeder has placed on goat, Breeder Signature and date
  • If you used someone else’s dam or sire, it is required to have either a service memo, Artificial Insemination/Embryo Service Memo accepted by IDGR, or a Lease Agreement
  • DNA Sample sent to IDGR office. In some cases you will be required to pay for testing
  • The breeder is the person who legal owner identified through official transfers and is the IDGR Registered dam owner

Transfer Application Requirements

  • Payment for Transfer will not take place until transfer payment takes place for services. Payment includes any older unpaid transfers on the animal from breeder through to you. Every transfer takes time to analyze and ensure the animal is being transferred to the correct person at that stage of the animal’s life.
  • Person transferring goat must be the IDGR registered owner
  • IDGR Transfer must be completely filled out by person transferring ownership
  • Both parties verify that the USDA-approved Identification on the goat matches the Official IDGR paperwork or IDGR applications
  • If the Identification does not match and you still want to acquire this goat, a DNA sample is required to be sent to IDGR of the goat and perhaps the supposed parents to ensure that it is actually the goat. In this case also a clear photograph of the goat must be submitted to IDGR
  • All transfers must be paid for before the last new owner will have the goat transferred to their name

Identification Policy

  • Official USDA-approved Identification must be physically on animal before any registration or transfer will occur
  • If any changes of any type of Identification are added to a goat, promptly submit the Change Identification form. Failure to do this will mean that we need to have you submit DNA and pay for testing to ensure this is still the same animal. Accidents do happen.

Simple steps to Registration and transfer with IDGR

  • Breeder completed applications
  • Photographs
  • Official USDA-Approved Identification
  • Ensure the Identification is on the goat and matches paperwork
  • Send DNA sample to International Dairy Goat Registry office
  • Pay for services

What happens if steps are not followed?

  • you will be notified of what is required for Official IDGR registration. Usually they are simple steps.
  • Failure to comply or attempt to will put your registrations and/or transfers in a holding file. Sometimes they will be placed in a Suspend File
  • The things that we sometimes require extra are necessary for accurate registrations.

Registration Information and Pricing

But why? I don’t need to do this do I?

International Dairy Goat Registry is your Professional Conservation Registry of the San Clemente Island goat. Without the Official Registration, DNA, Transfer and Identification, we have no idea who goats are. We have no idea if they are even San Clemente Island goats. There is no Conservation if we choose not to follow specific steps.

As far as Official USDA-Approved Identification it is federal and state law. As far as keeping official farm records, it is also law.

International Dairy Goat Registry is committed to working with you as great breeders directly. We have been for over 40 years. Our standards are very high, because as Conservationists of a breed or species, they have to be.

Steps are very easy to follow if we all work together.

Happy goat raising and Happy raising of the San Clemente Island heritage goat

We at International Dairy Goat Registry love working with our members and the goats.