International Dairly Goat Registry

The only official SCI Goat Registry for 40 years since their exportation from the San Clemente Island

Digital Application

If your application is properly submitted, you will see the words shown below at the bottom of your application after you hit the Submit button.

Some folks have trouble getting their digital applications to go through to International Dairy Goat Registry. The reason is that required fields are not being filled out. Fill out all fields you can. REQUIRED Fields are a must, because we must have that information.

This information above is just for the digital digital application.

Microsoft Word Applications

You may prefer to submit the Microsoft Word applicatins instead of the digital ones. If so, you can download those and use those forms instead.


  • Filling out Applications: Fill out application completely, as it is very necessary important information
  • Photos: Include clear side photos. If the goat has different markings on each side, please include a photo of both sides.
  • How to take photos: When taking photos, hold head up slightly (if possible). Have camera at the level of the goat. if taking a side photo, point camera at middle of belly. Remember these photos go on the Registration Certificate as part of the identification of the goat.
  • If YOU ARE NOT the legal breeder of the animal, you are required to include the breeder-signed Registration Application of the legal owner of the goat with your application for registration.
  • Change of Ownership: If you acquired or changed ownership of a goat, you are required by International Dairy Goat Registry policy and the USDA to give or receive a correct seller-signed (person changing ownership to another) Transfer which clearly defines specific things of the animal and the change of ownership. You are required by USDA law to keep this information for five years at a minimum. By IDGR policy, you are required to submit these transfers before any offspring will be registered and also before the goat being transfers will be registered into your name. Receipts and invoices are NOT proof of ownership, because someone else could have purchased the animal for you.
  • Prenatal Birth: The doe you acquire was pregant before you acquired her. To register a goat with a prenatal birth, the breeder (person who bred the doe to produce goat you are registering) must sign the Service Memo or fill out a completed application for registration to be supplied with your application. This gives acknowledgement that the breeder accepts registration and acknowledges that the breeding takes place. Sometimes this is an accidental breeding. If this is the case, IDGR DNA must be paid for by applicant or breeder and submitted directly through the IDGR DNA account before the registration will occur.
  • If you do not own the sire: You are required to submit a Service Memo signed and filled out by the Buck legal owner and submitted with Registration Application. Why? All too often people just see a pedigree they like on the internet, then try to submit that buck as the sire owner, when that buck is not the sire. It happens a lot. This is considered fraud.There is zero tolerance for deliberate fraud.
  • Leasing buck and does: IDGR lease agreement must be filled out and submitted to International Dairy Goat Registry. Remember that a lease agreement does NOT allow you, the leesee to do anything that you want with someone else’s goat. The baby will be the herdname of the goat owner.
  • Using Semen or Embroy: First -> Semen or Embroy must have an IDGR Collections report files and accepted. Second: DNA must be submitted and paid for by the applicant, owner or breeder and all DNA of sire/dam/offspring is run directly through the IDGR DNA database. There is too much room for error because of two many hands/people in the mix. Strict protocol must observed in order to retain accuracy of the pedigree and identitication of the animal to be Officially Registered. Second -> Artification Insemination or Embroy Transfer Service Memo must be filled out by the company/person who actually does the implant. This Service memo is to be submitted to IDGR.

A bit on Transfers, Registrations and Conservation

  • Request that the seller (person giving ownership to another person) is the one submitting/paying for Transfer directly to International Dairy Goat Registry within 60 days of the transfer. If you as the seller do not do this, usually the transfers do not happen at all. Goats move from farm to farm, breeding, creating grade goats. This one simple fact creates a huge mass of grade animals because they are No longer registerable until the transfer takes place through IDGR.
  • If you, as the seller have not completed transfers through IDGR, please do so ASAP. Go back and do that for the folks that you sent your goat to. In so doing, then we at International Dairy Goat Registry will send out the new Registration Certificate to the new owner. This stops most of the … smosh… in the Official database of the San Clemente Island goat.
  • If the person you acquired the goat from has not given you an official Transfer, then go to them and obtain one.
  • If you submit a transfer and pay for it to IDGR, if you had the legal ownership of the animal, we will stamp the transfer as Accepted. This information is legal for proof of transporting an animal.

So Please please get those transfers completed. Don’t make another person’s herd unregisterable because you forgot or didn’t complete the transfer through IDGR.

Please ensure that you give and receive transfers.

Is my goat Registered or Registered with the Official Registry?

  • Well, then answer is if the breeder has a IDGR Accepted Registration Application, an International Dairy Goat Registry (IDGR) or International Goat, Sheep, Camelid Registry (IGSCR) Registration Certificate, in unique situations (on-on-one basis) accepted animal/herd. We are still in the process of finding all the San Clemente Island goats.
  • In a few cases we do have some pre-approved non-registered herds whose animals are accepted for registration. These herds must follow very specific protocol
  • All transfers of ownership must be submitted to International Dairy Goat registry
  • Each animal must have one of the USDA-Approved forms of Identification physically on it to ensure it is the correct animal. If the Identication is changed or added, the person doing so must submit that information to IDGR. In not so doing, you have nullified the Registration Certificate/Application/Transfer, because that was the method of knowing if the animal is in fact the animal in question.
  • In some case we will require DNA Parentage and markers before registrations will occur
  • Any DNA will run diretly through the IDGR DNA database and is paid for by the person submitting the DNA. More on DNA in another section.

Why all the fuss? Why can’t I register a goat with no information?

  • The official Database (Registration, transfer and DNA) is the only true unified way to track who the animal is. There are too many pedigrees and inaccurate information that completly distroys the integrity and accuracy of identification of animals and breeds.
  • If you want your goat to be part of the Conservation of the breed, your animal must be Officially Registered. We at International Dairy Goat registry are and have been the official Registry for the San Clemente Island goat since their removal from San Clemente Island over 40 years ago. We hold those primary source documents, photos and protocol to ensure that a true San Clemente Island goat is being included in the San Clemente Island Conservation program.
  • Preserving breeds and not decimating them is done through the Official pedigree record and history of the breed.
  • Why can’t I register my goat with no information? Simply put if you have no proof of ownership, transfer or pedigree, we don’t even know if the animal is a San Clemente Island. You may also be registering somebody else’s goat who is not yours. this goat may already be a registered goat and cannot be registered twice by different names. There is to be one Registration per animal period if we are going to preserve the breed. The breeder may not wan his/her animal registered. A non-officially registered goat is a Grade goat, no matter what a genetic test says about purity.
  • If I have a breed analysis test completed on my goat, and it says my goat is a purebred, why can’t I register it without any lineage/breeder application etc? Breed Analysis does not guarrantee purity, as it is not a stand alone test. See the above bullet point also.

If you want to raise the San Clemente Island as part of the Conservation program, then your goats must be officially Registered. We at International Dairy Goat Registry are the Official Registry.

Breeder-signed Registration Applications Are required

USDA-approved Identification identying who the goat is through to the breeder is required

Seller-signed Transfers are required back to the birth of the animal

Send in all needed information, photos.

Submit DNA directly to IDGR on your entire herd. If you want a DNA summary for proof, then you are required to pay for the DNA. You will only receive the DNA summary if you own the goat and have paid for the DNA testing.

If you don’t submit these applications, you will not be able to register your animals. If your animals are not Officially registered, then your goat is not part of the Conservation of the San Clemente Island breed. That is ok. It is your choice to make.