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San Clemente Island goat’s color ranges from:

  • a light brown-tan/almost white (no reddish cast)
  • to a varying shades of red to dark red 
  • Some have Amber  highlights (facial markings/under the neck etc)
  • mahogany (dark brown which looks black) but having reddish highlights (The reddish highlights ARE NOT sunbleaching or copper deficiency as some folks think.  This color has been observed in some Canadian and USA herds and in varying seasons.)


  • Basic San Clemente Island goat pattern named by Dr Sponenberg many years ago. Likely as he was working with and observing both the Nigerian Dwarf and San Clemente Island goats on one of the former IDGR owner’s farm; Pine Cone Valley
  • DILUTED San Clemente Island Goat Pattern (Chamoisee)
  • Random whitish spotting on some San Clemente Island goats even back on the Island. In early years, there was a lot of spotting and goats of every color on the Island. By the time the final exports through the Fund For Animals era came about, much of this spotting and whitish was no longer in existance. There was still some and it is more rare today for various reasons.
  • Frosted or roaning on ears and noses was also present on the island in some goats

Let us describe some of the patterns

  • San Clemente Island Goat pattern

a) black head with two light vertical facial stripes on either side of the frontal bone or more diluted and just around the eyes
b) black patch on cheek or jaw and small spot on chin, lower hip
c) Black cape aka buckskin that drapes over the entire shoulder. It extends up the top of the neck and down the front legs
d) Ears black on the outside and brown inside
e) black or dark on front of the lower legs

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  • DILUTED San Clemente Island patters aka Chamoisee

a) As above standard San Clemente Island goat pattern, except there is the black martingale (black stripe running downn the front of the shoulders from the withers to the brisket0
b) Dorsal (spine) black stripe

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Note the black Dorsal Stripe aka on spine and the black martingale aka stripe on front of shoulders
  • Frosted or roaning on ears and nose

a) Some San Clemente Island goats did have these characteristics on the island
b) little white spots shoting through the dark on the nose and/or ears. Usually both.

  • Larger whitish spots

a) On more of the pre-Fund For Animals export of goats from San Clemente Island there were goats of every color, including random whitish spotting

Lets take a look at the Doos.. RE: Hairdoos. LOL

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Note the bushy hair on the forehead
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This gentleman does have quite the DOO going on.

Conformation Description

General appearance is that of a deer-like and fine-boned animal

Head is long and lean with a dished face

Eyes tend to have a relaxed appearance

Ears are narrow and carried horizontal to the head with a distinctive crimp in the middle  (Note: Kids ears are often floppy at birth, but become upright by age 2 weeks. )

Neck is long

Body is deep with fairly well-sprung ribs

Back is straight with sloping to fairly steep rump

Legs are long and slender with small hooves that tend to toe outward

Horns are light, airy, and open. The horn set should spread near the base and continue to spread outward with a light and airy look. The horn should twist a half to three quarters turn from base to tip, depending on the animals age. Bucks horns may make a full turn and often grow quite long, the spread may exceed 32 inches.

Average height: Does 24 inches;  Males 28 inches

Weight average: Bucks about 100 pounds; does about 60 pounds

Fuller description with photos is on our Charts for our FULL Members’ use when filling out registration applications.

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