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Many San Cletemente Island goats have multiple teats. We are cautioned by Dr Sponenberg not to cull them for extra teats. There are other San Clemente Island goats who have only one teat per side of the udder. Culling is very well destroying part of the unique qualities of the San Clemente Island goat. Keep in mind that many SCI extra (supernumary) teats are actually functioning, which is different from the normal dairy goat. If we are going to preserve the true San Clemente Island goat, let us not destroy the unique qualities that make up this breed.

One thing that is perculiar to many of these goats is that often times the extra teats are actually functioning. Very often these extra teats are attached to an extra functioning milk chamber. Extra teats on most dairy goats are non-functioning.

We are displaying the teat types of the San Clemente Island goat not to try to have you, as breeders, cull the goats for extra teats. Rather we want you to understand what the various teat types are so that we can track the types. This helps us to better understand the true breed characteristics.

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