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Your official SCI Goat Registry for 40 years since their exportation from the San Clemente Island

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Welcome to the Official San Clemente Island Goat Registry

Specializing in Purebred and Fullblood Officially Registered San Clemente Island goats for true Conservation of the breed, for over 40 years.

Working Directly with breeders for the best of the breed

Only Officially Registered San Clemente Island goats are part of the Conservation of the breed, because they are the only ones who can be tracked to San Clemente Island.

International Dairy Goat Registry was chosen by the Founding San Clemente Island breeders over 40 years ago to represent the Official Registrations of the breed. IDGR is the only organization who has the source documents which prove the Official Registrations for over 40 years. We have worked hard with the breeders, owners, geneticists and goats to bring you the TRUE Genetic and Official background of the San Clemente Island heritage goat breed.

The IDGR DNA Database is the Pioneer in DNA Genetics, coupled with the Official Record. It is a very extensive database that is coupled with the help of our members and lab geneticists.

We would like to welcome you to the Official Registry for the San Clemente Island goats. IDGR aka International Dairy Goat Registry has always been the official registry for the San Clemente Island goats, since the goats’ removal from the Island. We have over 40 plus years of official records for these goats and work directly with the breeders and owners.

Welcome to the IDGR San Clemente Island Registry. Welcome to our family.

We would also like to welcome you to the San Clemente Island Goats International. The International hosts much rich history of the San Clemente Island goat. Please come and join in the fun as we unfold the history of the San Clemente Island goat.

Become a Member of the Founding Official SCI Registry

Register your Herdname for goats you personally Breed on your farm

Obtain your Official USDA-Approved Herd Identification

Officially Register your Goats

Officially Transfer Your Goats

(This places them in the true conservation and preservation of the San Clemente Island breed)

IDGR DNA Test your goat


  • Verification in case of Lost of Physical Identification
  • Parental testing for you and to help the SCI Community with lost animals
  • Theft of animals

We all want to Preserve the San Clemente Island goat

A quick look at what True Conservation is and how it is achieved

True Conservation of a Breed

  • Discovering what the true genetic and physical characteristics are at the beginning of the breed
  • Ensuring those characteristics are not deviated from,. Deviation loses the true breed character and unique qualities
  • Not allowing Crossbreeding of other breeds to be registered into the Heritage Breed
  • Ensuring each animal included in the breed is fully recorded correctly, which gives TRUE COUNTS numbers of goats in the breed
  • Ensuring that all animals included in the breed records trace back to the founding animals
  • Animals with no records are not to be included in the breed registry records. Why? They cannot be proven to the source animals for the breed.
  • Preservation of a breed requires much dedication by the breeders, owners, registry and geneticists
  • Insistance on registering/recording every animal that looks like that breed is the demise of that breed.

What are the hindrances to Conservation being achieved?

  • Pedigrees of unproven animals attached to Official Pedigrees
  • Breeders and Owners not understanding the value and VITAL Nature of the Official Registration for every animal who is to be included in the breed.
  • Breeders and Owners not understanding the law, reasons for Physical USDA-approved Identification and following true regulations. Without Identification on an animal straight from the breeder through to every owner, the animal cannot be tracked. Therefore, the animal is NOT able to be inclusive in the breed.
  • Lack of transfers and official Registrations
  • Misunderstanding of what correct numbers of a breed are
  • Misunderstanding of correct registration procedure or what a true Registration Certificate is, why

So how do we Preserve a Breed in its original State?

  • Breeders and Owners keep records
  • DNA Testing through your Official Registry, so that these animals may be verified if physical Identification is lost or to find lost animals through parentage analysis (Open to IDGR members who work with the registry to preserve this breed) (KEY Cornerstone of Conservation)
  • Keeping official USDA-approved physical Identification on your goat (breeder to owner to owner) (This is Federal and state regulation for all goats who change ownership.)
  • Do not remove or cover up physical Identification. Removal of Scrapie Tags is Illegal. It also means that we do not know who the animal is.
  • Breeder-signed and filled out IDGR Registration Applications (one of the KEY Cornerstones of the Conservation)
  • Seller (re: person transferring ownership to another) to fill out and always submit transfer to your Official Registry (IDGR)
  • Registration Application, Transfers of Ownership and DNA testing ensure that the goat’s physical Identification matches the Official Paperwork on the animal
  • Clear Photo in every part of the process, to ensure that it is still the same animal
  • Ensuring that your Registrations and Transfers are through the founding registry for the breed, so that you can ensure that your goat does trace to the founding animals. KEY CORNERSTONE.
  • In not following simple procedure, time is wasted for both breeders, owners and IDGR. Records are lost. Valuable animals are lost.

Quick News Updates:

A note on San Clemente Island Goat DNA testing for the Official Registration.

All San Clemente Island DNA must run directly through the IDGR lab account so that we can complete the analysis of parentage and working directly through the lab geneticists.

All Registration Applications and Transfers must be accompanied by a hair sample of your goat that you are registering and their parents (if you own the parents and IDGR does not have parents’ DNA on file). This is for verification in case of lost physical identification or parental testing.

DNA Reports and Summaries are MEDICAL Records. Medical Records are not sharable (nor intended to be sharable) to other organizations or individuals. DNA Medical Records submitted for Registrations purposes are Intellectual property of both IDGR and VGL, for the purposes of extensive analysis and verification of the True Official Record of the San Clemente Island goat. If you are the owner of the goat at the time of submission and you paid for the testing, you will receive a Summary of the Result from IDGR, as proof of testing and parentage.

All DNA for Registrations must run through the IDGR account and be analyzed by us and our lab for our verification seal on your Official Registration Certificate.

A note on DNA Parentage testing. IDGR, coupled with our great members and lab genetics team pioneered the San Clemente Island goat DNA-Pedigree-Registration program and database. This is a very powerful tool for our valued members.

Our lab is experiencing unusually high volume of DNA. Our Official Registrations are completed with every effort for accuracy.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

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